To empower communities to discover and unleash their untapped potential


To create sustainable community-driven development models for impoverished communities


Our approach is focused on empowering communities to eventually take over and manage the models we have created for them thus creating independence

Our Development Model

We have set out on a mission to help rural communities Island-wide unleash and utilise their untapped potential, by providing them with a sustainable and empowering model. Starting small but impactful, we are currently operating our four pillar project model in 4 communities in the areas of Deraniyagala , Kahanawita , Dehiowita and Dangampala in Sri Lanka.

Sustainability Over Traditional Charity

We believe that traditional charity cripples and disempowers. There is a need for disruptive solutions to tackle what development interventions are failing to. With our approach we see that communities have the methods, structure and encouragement to lift themselves towards positive change – increasing employability, expanding IT literacy and developing entrepreneurial skills.

What We Do

The Disruptors

Kavindya Thennakoon

Co - Founder

Sakie Ariyawansa

Co - Founder

Inesh Perera

Head Of Strategy

Lahiru Perera

Head Of Marketing

Ashani Wijetunge

Head Of Finance

Manuja Kelegama

Art Director

Osuri Embulgamage

Head Of HR

Ahalya Lelwala

Project Manager - Learning Facility


Our Stories

From day one we’ve fiercely believed in the power of an innovative education and a community driven approach to transforming communities across the world. The past two years have taught us that the best solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems are are created by communities and local leaders when they’re given the right tools and resources.

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I thoroughly believe, the only possible way to change a particular community is, empowering its children to achieve their beautiful dreams. And that’s what exactly 'Without Borders' is all about. I deem it a privilege working with the team in the capacity of a leadership & soft skills trainer.

Sachinda Dulanjana

Youth Activist
It's a great pleasure to work with an organisation like Without Borders because they're a small bunch of people trying to succeed small, by changing innocent children's lives for the better. I've worked with different kinds of people in different kinds of organisations, but the team at Without borders is probably the best I've ever met and I believe we've got a great future ahead.

Rumesh Chamaka

The team is a group of friendly, highly motivated and talented individuals working together with a single goal of providing the tools for young kids to attain their maximum potential. Although I joined recently, I could see that they have made great progress already during the past year. Im grateful for having the opportunity to help out where I can and hopefully we'll be able to get more volunteers involved and expand the services to other parts of the country.

Sakya Egalahewa



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